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Rally di Roma Capitale 2018

Rally di Roma Capitale 2018 - 20-22/07/2018

The rally in 100 words: The progression of this exciting asphalt event, organised and promoted by Motorsport Italia, has been remarkable. Having run for the first time in 2013, Rally di Roma Capitale made its ERC debut in 2017 as Italy returned to the European championship for the first time since 2013 when Rallye Sanremo was on the calendar.  It proved a big hit with a driving parade through the centre of Rome, a spectacular spectator stage around the Palazzio della Civiltà del Lavoro in the EUR district, followed by two days of action-packed rallying on stages to the east and south-east of the capital.


20 - 22 JULY 2018

Fiuggi - 20 Jun
24° 16°